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15th International Competition of Children's Art Works

The World of Art Magazine and The Gallery of Young People’s Art Works Celje announce Jubilee 15th International Competition of Children's Art Works on the theme ETHNOLOGICAL DRESSES AND FOLKLORE DANCES OF MY PEOPLE.


Jubilee 15th International Competition of Children's Art Works

Since 1995 the »The World of Art« magazine has been encouraging young people to create and participate in international competitions, where they can compare their work to the work of children of the same age from other countries and continents.

During that period the first gallery of children's art was founded in Slovenia - The Gallery of Children’s Art Works, The Old Castle of Celje, today at new location on Krekov trg 3, Celje dedicated to young artists under the age of 20. A lot of children from different countries of the world were awarded for their art masterpieces, which encouraged them for further art creativity.

More than one 120.000 young artists from 80 countries of the world from all the continents have participated in our competitions. As the result we also have the world's biggest collection of young people's art works on the theme “The Horse”, which consists of 45.000 art works from 55 countries of the world; the collection of art works on the theme “Still life” includes almost 30 thousand paintings from 50 countries of the world, and the collection on the theme “Castles- our cultural heritage” consists of more than 10 thousand paintings from 35 countries; and also 30.000 artworks on theme “Who am I?” from 60 countries.

In our archives there are also a lot of other art works on different themes and in different techniques, which came to the archive through different ways of cooperation. People have admired the awarded art works from our competitions at 174 exhibitions (62 of them were abroad in 26 countries).

Art creativity always brings new challenges, also this time.

The theme

Who are my people and what kind of cultural legacy have I inherited? What do we want to preserve for our future generations? Identity of my people. At the time our planet is becoming a global village, you can contribute something special to this village as a gift of your people, your nation, and you can say with proud: ”This is me, these are my people. This is a unique piece of the history of this planet.”

I would like to encourage you to visit the museums, find out something about your family relics, lumber room and visit folklore festivals of your people; I am sure you will find something that deserves to be preserved for our future generations, as a memory of the time that is gone and of the artistic creativity of your nation.

Ethnology, folklore, dance and national costumes are always a part of history of all nations in the world, also yours. Select the best, select something what represents your people for centuries, ethnological dresses and folklore dance of your nation. On the reverse side write down the name of the dress, dance, era in which it was important for your people and maybe also write down at what occasions dress was used, dances were preformed and send it to us.

So go for it! 50 best art works from each age group will be awarded with unique prizes; the best three authors from each age group will be awarded also with special gifts. Mentors who will have one awardee awarded with first prize or two or more with unique prize will also be awarded with a unique prize. Put the entries of different age groups in separate envelopes:
1st group: up to 10 years,
2nd group: from 11-15 years,
3rd group: from 16 - 20 years

All techniques on a paper are allowed. Art works should not exceed 30x42 cm.

On the reverse side of the artwork you should put the following details in capital letters and in Latin alphabet:
- name and surname of the author, date of author’s birth
- the date when the art work was created,
- name and surname of the mentor,
- the full address of the school, or author, if sent individually,
- e-mail address of the school, or author, if sent individually,

Please do not put the art works on paspartús.

We will be receiving the art works from announcement to December 31st 2009 on the following address:
The Gallery of Young People's Art Works, Celje
Krekov trg 3,

The results of the competition and all other information, date, location of the opening ceremony of the awarded art works will be available exclusively on our internet page from February 10th 2010 on: www.celje.si/theworld-ofart/ and in World of Art Magazine, February 2010.

Participants who want to come to the opening exhibition and need an entry visa for Slovenia, should contact me by e-mail, fax or letter till February 20th 2010, so that I can send them original invitations for getting a visa on time.

Until recently we have been sending catalogues to the participants, but at least 20% of them never received them and they do not believe we had sent them either. Some addresses were perhaps not written correctly, so some catalogues were returned to the sender. More than 50% of participants never confirm receiving of the catalogue, so we are not sure whether we can send the awards to the same address.

Anyway, we want to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary costs. If any participants don’t have internet, we will send them the competition results by fax: + 386 35 481 777.

Please consider the conditions of the competition, as the jury will not appraise the works not respecting them. The received entries will not be returned to the authors, they will become part of the archive of The World of Art magazine. After appraisement it is possible to borrow the art works from the archive for school exhibitions.

May I ask you to add some table flags of your towns and states, some bank notes or coins of small face value and some used stamps of your country to the shipment of your pieces of art? Thus you will contribute to the collection of souvenirs of participating countries of our competitions, being collected for some years now.

Part of the collection can be seen on our web page. We wish you good luck and a lot of pleasure in creating.

The Gallery of Young People's Art Works Celje