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Ambassador Radej visited 9th Sculpture Symposium in Tehran

Ambassador Radej visited 9th Sculpture Symposium, where Mr. Arijel Strukelj from Slovenia was completing his masterpiece. 187 artists from 58 countries competed to be part of this symposium, 10 artists from 10 countries of which were selected by the jury; one of them Mr. Strukelj. This symposium is to run between 2-25th November giving artists just 23 days to complete their art works.

The first symposium was held in 2006, the 2nd in 2008, the third in 2011 and after that once a year until 2015 when they started being held with two year gaps in 2017 and then 2019. The goal is to hold them once a year. Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, Director the symposium, is himself a sculpturer and therefore very much in support of organizing these kinds of symposiums regularly.

A closing ceremony is to be held on the 25th of November.