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Screening of short films by Slovenian authors: Springtime

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to celebrate the Statehood Day of the Republic of Slovenia in a different way this year - virtually, in the name of art and creativity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenian embassies around the world have prepared a daily virtual screening of videos of Slovenian artists every day between 19 June and Statehood Day on 25 June.

On this occasion, Ambassador Kristina Radej addressed the Iranian public in a short video message.

Today, June 25, we invite you to watch the last in a series of seven performances of work arts by Slovenian authors, the ballet Springtime, choreographed by Valentine Turcu, available on YouTube and #slovenia29.  

Springtime: Reflecting on the dehumanizing reality of contemporary world we are creating a highly aestheticized and profoundly expressive interpretation of the unspoken that resounds in the very core… in the Heart of Art.,

The endless power of magnetic Creation and Purity can move the heaviest stone, can transform the grey area of unkind human history. 

State. Statement. Loyalty, longing and belonging to an Ideal of Oneness and Adoration.

Captured by effortless Beauty, drawn into the feeling of Freedom by fresh dynamic thrill of inspiration… and everlasting connection between two Souls loving their Springtime moment – that has the power of Unlimited desire. 

The magic that changes the world is in One hug from the whole Heart. Love is that Ultimate power that makes the difference. We have nothing to say – when we speak sincerely from our Hearts. Hearts of Arts. (Choreographer: Valentina Turcu; Dancers: Sytze Jan Luske and Monja Obrul).