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Changed conditions for passengers entering Iran

Civil Aviation Organisation of I.R. Iran has issued a notification to airline carriers, stating that at the arrival to an airport in Iran, all passengers will have to submit a certificate of negative COVID-19 molecular test in English, issued no later than 96 hours before the entry. 

Test has to be performed by a health organisation approved by the ministry of health of the departure country (Slovenia or the country of the departure airport). Foreign citizens without this certificate will not be allowed to enter Iran. Air carriers will be able to refuse boarding to passengers without the certificate of negative test.

At the arrival to an airport in Iran, passengers will be screened. Those passengers who will show symptoms of coronavirus infection, will be directed to quarantine in a designated location, regardless of whether they will carry a certificate of negative test or not. These passengers will be tested for COVID-19. They will have to remain in quarantine until the results of the test return negative and they no longer display any symptoms.

Listed limitations are valid until 17 October 2020 or until revoked.