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Change of conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia (update)

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted on 26 September 2020 the amended ordinance regarding the rules on entry into the Republic of Slovenia. The amended ordinance enters into force on 28 September 2020.

Anyone who enters Slovenia and has either permanent or temporary residence in countries on the red list (which includes the Islamic Republic of Iran), and for anyone, regardless of their citizenship or country of residence, who is travelling to Slovenia from such countries, shall be ordered a 10-day quarantine.

Quarantine shall not be ordered under the condition of presenting a negative COVID-19 test result which is not older than 48 hours and which was carried out in an EU member state, a member of the Schengen Area or in Slovenia, by a laboratory recognized by the Republic of Slovenia as suitable and credible. Entry into Slovenia without quarantine by presenting a negative COVID-19 test, carried out by a laboratory in Iran, is thus not permitted any longer.

A person who has been ordered to quarantine by way of a decision may test for COVID-19 during the quarantine. If they test negative, the competent authority will set aside the decision.

Persons may enter the Republic of Slovenia without quarantine and without submitting a negative COVID-19 in certain exceptional cases, among which are:

  • persons posted to carry out tasks in international transport or returning from such tasks;

  • persons engaged in trade who carry out the transport of goods or persons into Slovenia or from Slovenia or carry out the transport of goods and passengers in transit and exit Slovenia within 12 hours of entry

  • persons transiting the territory of Slovenia and exiting Slovenia within 12 hours of entry;

  • persons with diplomatic passports;

  • members of foreign delegations who are entering Slovenia on the basis of a certificate or an official invitation from a competent state authority;

  • representatives of foreign security authorities (the police or a judicial authority) who carry out official tasks and exit Slovenia as soon as possible after completing these tasks;

  • persons who provide proof of a scheduled urgent medical examination or procedure in another EU Member State or Schengen Area country and return across the border immediately after the medical examination or procedure or as soon as their medical condition allows (accompanied by their attendant when that is absolutely necessary due to their medical condition).

  • persons entering Slovenia from a country on a green list if they have resided in that country continuously for at least 14 days before entering Slovenia and can provide appropriate proof thereof.

  • persons entering Slovenia from another EU Member State or Schengen Area country that is placed on the orange list.

Full list of applicable exceptions is available here. Additional information regarding the current border-crossing regime, including the lists of green, orange and red countries, is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.