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Change of conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia (Update 25 December)

Entry into the Republic of Slovenia from a country on the red list, which also includes Iran, without mandatory quarantine or without submitting a negative PCR test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is permitted for the following seven categories of passengers:

  1. cross-border daily migrant workers
  2. people posted for executing tasks in the international transport sector or from it;
  3. people who transport goods or people to and from the Republic of Slovenia for economic purposes and freight or passenger transport in transit and leaves Slovenia within 8 hours after crossing the border;
  4. people in transit through the Republic of Slovenia leaving it within 6 hours of entry;
  5. representatives of foreign security authorities (the police or justice) who carry out the operational task and leave the Republic of Slovenia as quickly as possible after the completion of the task;
  6. anyone who was transported to the Republic of Slovenia in an emergency or medical vehicle, and medical staff present in the vehicle;
  7. diplomatic passport holders.

New regime applies from 25 December.

An exception for entry without quarantine remains the submission of a negative PCR test result, which is not older than 24 hours and is performed in an EU Member State or a state of the Schengen area. Entry into the Republic of Slovenia without quarantine with a negative test performed in Iran is therefore no longer possible.

More information regarding the conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia is available in the notification of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (in Slovene) and on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.